About Kalaarnava

A country as diverse as India is symbolized by the plurality of its culture, heritage, music and art. Gokulam School of Music, led by Vid H S Venugopal, a senior Carnatic flautist, is an institution which breathes music and adorns art, and has nurtured few of the most gifted talents of our country. Eleven years ago, this magnanimous centre for learning conceived Kalaarnava – ‘Kala’ (art) ‘Arnava’ (ocean) – An ocean of art. Kalaarnava was an initiative with the sole intention of propagating music & art which eventually culminated into a beautiful festival celebrating divine music & art across the country. Since then, Kalaarnava has added considerably to the scope and range of music & art and has ventured into a unique celebration charging spiritual fervour into music and creating phenomenal artistic masterpieces for a decade now!

Being the 13 th year of its existence, Kalaarnava 2019 is an appreciation of the intricacies of ragas in classical music and art, in all its splendour. We welcome you to be a part of this musical & artistic extravagance and witness stellar performances by few of the best artists of our country. This rhythmically intensive and structured festival is sure to leave you spell bound!

Gokulam School of Music invites people from all walks of life to be a part of this splendid fusion of Classical music, Jazz, Dance, Theatre, Puppetry, Visual art and a lot more. Kalaarnava 2018 brings to you lucid, simple and aesthetically serene melodies from only the best of India!

Venue : Your home (Online)
Date: 7nd of June, 2020.

Kalaarnava will be honouring Sri Hariharan with the title ‘Vidyaarnava’, and LAYATHARANGA (Sri Jayachandra Rao, Sri Ravichandra Kulur, Sri Giridhar Udupa, Sri Pramath Kiran, Sri Pramath Kiran) with the title ‘Kalaavatamsa’.