History of Kalaarnava

Gokulam school of music, led by renowned flautist Vidwan H S Venugopal is dedicated to sharing and propagating classical music. The 40 year old music school has been organizing chamber concerts of reputed musicians and also been showcasing talented young musicians.

In the year 2007, Gokulam took a small step ahead by organizing ‘Kalaarnava’, a day-long festival of performing arts. The festival received immense response, making it an annual event on the first Sunday of June.

Two awards, ‘Vidyaarnava’ and ‘Kalaavatamsa’ were established in the year 2008 to acknowledge and appreciate talents in various fields.

‘Vidyaarnava’ is a thanks giving appreciation award given to senior personalities who have rendered yeoman service in their respective fields.

Previous Awardees
Year Personality
2008 Dr Shatavadhani R Ganesh, a multi-linguistic scholar, a poet laureate
2009 Dr T S Satyavathi, a veteran carnatic vocalist, a musicologist
2010 Sri K S Gopalakrishnan, a veteran flautist, Kerala
2011 Dr Gururaja Karajagi , a reputed academician, educationalist (Director, ACT foundation)
2012 Dr B K S Verma, an eminent artist – painter
2013 Dr B Jayashree, a singer, actor, theatre personality
2014 Smt Bhanumathi, a renowned Bharathanatyam artiste, Guru
2015 Dr S R Ramaswamy, chief editor, Uththaana
2016 Dr S P Balasubrahmanyam, renowned singer and actor
2017 Dr Mohan Alva, Director - Alva’s Education Foundation
2018 Mr Louiz Banks, renowned Jazz Pianist - Composer

‘Kalaavatamsa’ is awarded to young promising leaders/ youth icons in various fields.

Previous Awardees
Carnatic Flautist Sri Vivek Krishna
Carnatic Flautist Sri Tejasvi Raghunath
Composer Sri Praveen D Rao
Hindustani Classical Musician - Singer and Sarangi artiste Ustad Faiyaz Khan
Veteran Flautist Sri Butto
Classical Vocalist Smt Shreeranjini
Actor – Singer Smt M D Pallavi
Classical singer Sri Sreekantam Nagendra Shastry
Classical flautist Sri Pravin Godkhindi
Poet Sri K Kalyan
Bollywood flautist Sri Naveen Kumar (of A R Rahman band fame)
Sri T D Rajendra and Smt Nirupama Rajendra (dancer couple)
Smt Rangashree (Director of Kinkini, Bharathanatyam guru)
Ananya Bengaluru Organisation headed by Dr R V Raghavendra
Sand Artist Sri Raghavendra Hegde
Puppetry artist & Ventriloquist Sri Prahlad Achar
Speed Painter Sri Vilas Nayak
Playback Singer Sri Vijay Prakash
Singer - Composer Sri Raghu Dixit
Bharathanatyam artistes - Gurus Sri Kiran Subramanyam & Smt Sandhya Kiran
Bengaluru Ganesh Utsav curator Sri Nandish Mariyappa

So far, Kalaarnava has featured several art forms such as

Carnatic music
Hindustani music
Light music
Folk music
World music – cross genres
Film music

The festival has also featured a few rare and exotic art forms like

Sand art
Shadow play
Speed Painting
Magic play
Musical impromtu
Literary Extempore
Glow art
Kaavya – Naada – Kuncha

Kalaarnava has featured various artists from all over the country including musicians such as :

  • Sri K S Gopalakrishnan
  • Sri Suresh Talwalkar
  • Sri Ravindra Yavagal
  • Mr Louiz Banks
  • Sri Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma
  • Sri B K S Verma
  • Devu Khan and The Manganiyars
  • Sri Mysore Nagraj and Sri Mysore Manjunath
  • Sri Dr Kumaresh
  • Smt Jayanthi Kumaresh
  • Sri Naveen Kumar (of A R Rahman band fame)
  • Sri Pravin Godkhindi
  • Sri Praveen D Rao and team ANTARDHWANI
  • Sri Anantha R Krishnan
  • Smt Pallavi Arun
  • Sri Arun Kumar
  • Sri Giridhar Udupa
  • Sri Arjun Kumar
  • Sri Jayachandra Rao
  • Sri Pramath Kiran
  • Mr Keith Peters
  • Mr Gino Banks
  • Mr Stephen Devassy
  • Mr Sheldon D’Silva
  • Sri Ravichandra Kulur
  • Ustad Faiyaz Khan
  • Sri Vivek Rajagopalan
  • Sri B C Manjunath
  • Sri Somashekar Jois
  • Sri B U Ganesh Prasad
  • Sri B S Purushottam
  • Sri Mandolin Prasad
  • Sri Vishnu Ramprasad
  • Sri Karthik Nagaraj
  • Sri Momin Khan
  • Team Symphonium, etc,.

And, dancers such as :

  • Sri T D Rajendra, Smt Nirupama Rajendra and team ABHINAVA DANCE COMPANY
  • Sri Mantap Prabhakar Upadhyaya
  • Sri Krishna Murty Tunga
  • Sri Ashok Kumar and team NATYANJALI
  • Sri Mysore B Nagaraj and team
  • Smt Bhanumathi
  • Smt Gopika Verma
  • Rasika Dance Company
  • Sri Satyanarayana Raju
  • Tandava
  • Smt Soundarya Srivatsa, etc,.

And performers of various art forms such as :

  • Sri Vilas Nayak
  • Sri H S Venkatesh Murthy
  • Sri Korgi Shankaranarayana Upadhyaya
  • Sri M D Kowshik
  • DHAATU Puppetry
  • Sri Raghavendra Hegde
  • Sri Prahalad Acharya
  • Sri Mandya Ramesh
  • Sri Karagam Suresh
  • Sri Krishne Gowda
  • Sri Lingam Guntla Subbarao
  • Sri Rajendra Karanth
  • Sri Vinod Gowda
  • Sri Vinay Hegde

Gokulam school of music aims at realizing the following dreams through Kalaarnava:

  • Propagating and celebrating Indian arts and culture
  • Creating opportunities and platforms for art lovers to witness few of the best acts/ music and dance performances/ other performing arts
  • Creating opportunities for local talents
  • Honouring legendary artists and youth icons for their artistic contributions to their respective fields.

Come June, Gokulam school of music takes pride in presenting ‘Kalaarnava 2019’ (the 13 th edition) on the 2nd of June, 2019.

We look forward to presenting to you a whole new set of brilliant artists and mesmerizing performances. Be there on 2nd of June 2019 to experience an exciting, energetic and exuberant Kalaarnava. Immerse yourself in the ocean of art with the best of our country’s talents!